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Home Activity Italy Lazio Guided tours of the villages, castles and abbeys of Sabina

Guided tours of the villages, castles and abbeys of Sabina

Discover with our guided tours the fascinating history of Sabina and many treasures scattered in its territory.

You will be accompanied by an expert guide who will tell you the most interesting historical facts and anecdotes of the places you will visit, revealing the stories of the most significant characters.
You will admire picturesque medieval villages, castles and fortresses overlooking the green valleys, majestic abbeys once cultural centers of society.

Guided tour of underground Rieti and Palazzo Vecchiarelli

A surprising visit in the historic center of Rieti, which will make you discover the multiple links between the city and water, which has always been an important resource but also a natural element to be stemted and regulated. During the visit, which takes place partly in the alleys of the center and partly in the basement of historic buildings, you can admire the remains of the imposing Roman bridge that was built to ensure the passage of legions and goods (the salt from which the Via Salaria takes its name) above the waters and marshes that surrounded the city at that time. The visit will end with the exit from the basement of Palazzo Vecchiarelli, a scenic building designed by the architect Carlo Maderno with scenic scenes and an internal courtyard considered the “stone theater” of the city of Rieti.

  • Duration: from 2 hours
  • Price per person: from € 12.00
  • Private visit: from € 150.00
  • In supplement: visit of the interior of the Palazzo Vecchiarelli

Guided tour of the village and castle of Rocca Sinibalda

Rocca Sinibalda stands among the mountains of the upper Sabina, in a dominant position overlooking the lush Turano Valley. Mentioned for the first time in a document from 1084, linked to the Longobard Sinibaldo, the village and its fortress were later part of the possessions of the Imperial Abbey of Farfa, then of various Roman families.
In 1526 the Rocca was donated by the Pope to Cardinal Alessandro Cesarini, who transformed the castle, based on a design by Baldassarre Peruzzi, into a fascinating residence-fortress: both austere on the outside, with an eagle-shaped plan (or scorpion according to some), two towers with a projecting keep and scarp walls, and an elegant Renaissance residence inside, with frescoed flats and halls.

  • Duration: from 2 hours
  • Price per person: from € 16.00
  • Reduction for children aged 8-14 € 12.00
  • Private tour of the village and its hamlets: from € 140,00
  • In supplement: lunch in a selected restaurant based on local seasonal products

Guided tour of the village and Farfa Abbey

Visit the basilica, a jewel of Renaissance art, where you can admire the vibrant paintings of the Zuccari brothers, Orazio Gentileschi, and the Flemish artist Hendrik van der Broek. You will then enter the Renaissance monastery and cloister, built by Cardinal Alessandro Farnese, from where you can see the entrance to the crypt of the medieval basilica with a sarcophagus dating back to Roman times. You will then enter the exhibition room of the State Library, annexed to the National Monument of Farfa, where you can admire the pages of some of the famous medieval manuscripts kept by the Library. Finally you will enter the rooms where you can admire the transcription in twelve scenes of the Chronicon Farfense by Gregorio da Catino (12th century), of the Fair and the Castles of Farfa, created by the Genoese illustrator Emanuele Luzzati.

  • Duration: from 2 hours
  • Price per person: from € 14.00
  • Private visit: from € 150.00
  • All-inclusive package Tiber boat cruise + lunch in a restaurant + visit to Farfa Abbey: from € 45,00


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