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Special visits of Cinecittà studios

Discover a fantastic world inside Cinecittà Film Studios, the Hollywood of Rome!

Inside the cinematographic studios of Cinecittà, you will find a fabulous world, where over 3000 movies were filmed, of which 47 were Oscar winners!

Very important directors have worked here, such as Federico Fellini, Francis Ford Coppola, Luchino Visconti, Martin Scorsese and Sergio Leone, whom here he filmed his “western spaghetti”. During these glorious years, Cinecittà was renamed the “Hollywood on the Tiber”!

The tour will guide you through the glorious history of the Studios: you will visit the famous movie sets which will magically project you in long lost centuries and places, spanning from Imperial Rome (Rome fiction 2005/2007), to 19th Century New York (Gangs of New York 2003), Medieval Florence (Francesco Tv Fiction), ancient Jerusalem (The Young Messiah, coming soon 2016), a residential neighbourhood (Un medico in famiglia), and to finally even a military submarine (U-571 2000) that will give you the feeling of being under the sea!

You will immerse yourself in locations dense of history, such as the Gallery Masse, where you will be able to admire the most beautiful costumes. You will also be able to discover some of the most particular souvenirs of famous actors, directors and producers, who worked here, and when possible you will also be able to visit the insides of a Sound stage. Finally, through an interactive and instructive tour, you will learn about all of the professions within the cinema world, from the initial steps in the creation of a movie, to the script writing and finally to the post production phase.

The visit will also be a chance to appreciate the architectural style of the ages, as Cinecittà was built in the rational fascist style of the architect Gino Peressutti. Inside the studios you will find a bookshop and a cafeteria, where you can eat or have an aperitif.

Guided visit of Cinecittà

Prices for Exposition + guided visit

  • Adults € 22,50 euro
  • Under 26 / Over 60 € 17,50
  • Children 6/10 years € 12,50
  • Family (2 adults and 2 children) € 58,00
  • Groups (more than 15 people) – Price per person: € 20,50

Animated tours for families

Funny special animated tours for families with children with interactive and manual activities at every stage of the visit.

Price for a family with 2 children € 58.00 

Visits and interactive activities for schools

Prices per student:

  • Animated visit € 15.00
  • Guided tour € 15.00
  • Laboratory € 12.00
  • Animated or guided tour + workshop € 22.00

Extra for foreign language (English or French) € 3.00

Packed lunch € 9.00

Reduced price for disabled students € 8.00

Free provision for teachers based on the number of students

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