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Treasure Hunt in Rome for school groups

The Treasure Hunt for school groups is an exciting and fun experience that will allow students to discover Rome in a stimulating and original way.

The Treasure Hunt takes place in the historic center of Rome.

The students will be divided into teams according to the number of accompanying adult persons. Each team will receive the Kit of the Treasure Hunt containing the puzzles and riddles pertaining to each stage, a map of Rome, a pen and a notepad, and vouchers for ice cream for all participants.

The teams will face off trying to solve the puzzles and riddles, and trying to identify and photograph the details of the monuments at every stage in the predetermined time.

Duration: About 4 hours (it is possible to tailor the duration of the activity to the needs of each group).

The Treasure Hunt will be played in full autonomy, without the agency supervision.

Themes of the Treasure Hunt

You can choose among the following themes:

  • Treasures and Secrets of Rome
  • Rome and the water
  • Architectures of Rome 

The itinerary can be agreed with the agency to include some specific places of interest for the class.

Prices of the Treasure Hunt for School groups

  • Treasure Hunt: Price per student € 14,00

Supplement for ice creams: Price per student € 3,50

Assistance of the Agency

A member of our team can be present, if demanded, at the beginning of the Hunt to explain the rules of the game and in the end to calculate the scores and indicate the winner.
Supplement for the assistance: € 150,00.

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