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Tour through the roman sunsets

Living the sunset in Rome is a unique experience, the city is painted with colors and shadows that dancing together on monuments, domes and on the Tiber create an absolute magical atmosphere.

The most evocative places to enjoy this unique show are many, we would like to point out a few:

  • Pincio: from Piazza del Popolo it is possible to climb directly to the top of the Pincio hill, which offers an incredible panorama.
  • The Capitol Terrace: Seeing the Forums and the Colosseum turning red is a unique spectacle.
  • Gianicolo: Probably the most famous viewpoint in Rome, from here the view embraces the whole city, watching the sunset here is astonishing.
  • Circus Maximus: After having visited the magnificent rose garden on the Aventine, you could enjoy the sunset in this place enveloped in history and getting transcendental feels.

Sunset in Rome with Fragrance Tour

Fragrance Tour offers several solution to live the area surrounding the forum taking a dip into history and culture

  • Colosseum, roman Forum and Palatine tour: Accompanied by our expert guides, you will visit the Anfiteatro Flavio, better known as Colosseum, from the inside, you will walk through the Roman Forum alleys and you will finally visit the mount Palatine.
  • Tour del Rione Monti: Just a few steps away from the Forums there is one of the most ancient and picturesque neighbourhoods in Rome, where you will bum pinto ruins and witnesses of ancient Rome, works and monuments form the Middle Age and from the Renaissance, a roll up of layered styles that cover the entire history of the city.

Contact us for further information and for tailoring the perfect tour on you!

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