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Home Outside Rome Canale Monterano, an incredible ghost town in Italy

Canale Monterano, an incredible ghost town in Italy

After more than two millenniums, the abandoned town in the surroundings of Canale Monterano is still charming. It is one of the most suggestive places in Lazio and the path that twists and turn over a tuff hill will uveal some corners of incomparable beauty. Plunged into a verdant landscape you will see ancient ruins layered over the centuries. Etruscan tombs, ruins of roman aqueducts, the abandoned convent of San Bonaventura, The baroque Palace Baronale featuring a fountain by Bernini, the rests of the San Rocco Church and other rests of houses and churches from the middle age will roll up, setting up a magic atmosphere. Furthermore, you will discover springs of boiling water inside some caves, a consequence of the volcanic activity of this area of Lazio.

The famous hamlet, which was a flourishing dukedom hosting some of the most important roman families such as Orsini and Altieri, fell into decay over the centuries, until XVIII century, when the inhabitants who survived the last looting by the French troops left the village to move to the near Casale Monterano.

This hamlet, among the oldest in Italy, was chosen as the setting of some well-known movies, such as Ben-Hur, Brancaleone alle Crociate, Guardie e Ladri and Il Marchese del Grillo.

Fragrance Tour offers different solutions to visit the area around this beautiful village:

  • Vintage car tour: One day aboard of a vintage car as the Alfa Romeo Spider “Duetto”, a Jaguar or a Ferrari to visit the lake of Bracciano. You will have a tour of the lake guided by a car tour leader who will help you discovering the many beautiful spots around the lake and will tell you where to stop and what to see. Among our packages, you can have a look into the vintage car tour on the lake of Bracciano for incentive groups.
  • Daytrip to the park of Bracciano/Martignano: a trip to the Natural Regional Park of Bracciano-Martignano, with its peculiar volcanic landscape as well as visiting the picturesque lake of Bracciano and Martignano too.
  • Helicopter tour on the lake of Bracciano: you will leave from Rome and within a few minutes flight you will be able to admire the lake and the castle of Bracciano from above. You can also have lunch in a romantic restaurant with a magnificent view over the castle and reserve a guided tour of the castle

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