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Tivoli villas guided tour: Hadrian’s Villa and Villa D’Este

Do not miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful Villas of Tivoli: Hadrian’s Villa, Villa d’Este and Villa Gregoriana.

Tivoli is a small town near Rome which has became a World Heritage Site thanks to its magnificent Villas from different eras.

You can structure the visit according to your preferences, choosing to include in the package one or more visits.

Guided tours of the Villas of Tivoli

  • Hadrian’s Villa, the exuberant countryside residence of the Emperor Hadrian: inspired by the Greek and Oriental architecture, the Villa is rich in extraordinary architectural and sculptural decorations, and includes residential buildings, spas, theatres and gardens
  • Villa d’Este, a masterpiece of the Italian Renaissance: stroll in its beautiful gardens accompanied by the sound of water flowing through the hundreds of fountains, magnificent waterfalls and ornamental ponds
  • Villa Gregoriana: a natural area of great historical and visual beauty between the River Aniene and the ancient Roman acropolis, which houses the picturesque Great Falls; the Villa can be considered a unique example of romantic garden design, for its shape and correspondence with the aesthetic taste of the sublime, so dear to the Romantics

Special Guided Tours

  • The Dungeons of Hadrian’s Villa: an extensive network of underground routes still partially unexplored, conceived as a way of service for the numerous servants of the Emperor
  • Treasure Hunt in the Gardens of Villa d’Este: discover the wonders of Villa d’Este through an exciting Treasure Hunt! You will follow an itinerary through the beautiful fountains of the Villa, with puzzles, quizzes and photographic challenges
  • Visit of a quarry of marble: experience the thrill of visiting a marble quarry!  Marble is a precious material used all over the world for the decoration of buildings and homes

In supplement, on demand

  • Round-trip private transfer from Rome
  • Lunch in a restaurant overlooking a Roman temple

Contact us for more information or ask for a tailor-made quote.

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