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Adventure park in Rome and around Lazio

Are you willing to spend a day outdoors testing your skills, strength and courage? The Adventure Park of Rome awaits for you!

A challenge between teams in the many games and activities organized in the Adventure Park is also a fun idea to celebrate special occasions with your friends.

You will be welcomed by the Park staff inside a pine forest outside the chaos of the city, where it will also possible to have lunch.

Examples of activities that can be done at the Adventure Park:

  • Suspended paths between the trees, with different levels of difficulty, in order to allow everyone to face obstacles proportionate to their abilities
  • Zip Wire from 10 mt for 120 meters
  • Climbing wall of 6.50 meters, with plaques and overhangs, vertical and cross sections varying in difficulty from 4A to 7B.
  • Archery
  • Labyrinth
  • Sky Frame: Multifunctional structure on which you can perform various exercises of skills for individual or group
  • Battlefield: Combat simulation between two armies, equipped with polarized infrared SATR system. Each army will be assigned a set of tasks such as capturing the enemy base or taking out the opposing side; Located within a beautiful wooded area, the setup includes various posts, trenches and possible hiding spots to transform the game into an engaging and realistic experience.

Before starting, the Park staff will make a briefing to illustrate the safety rules.

You can choose between two Adventure Parks in Rome:

  • Adventure Park in a pine forest near Ancient Ostia and the sea
  • Adventure Park in a beautiful garden in the modern EUR district

Other Adventure Parks around Lazio, near Rome:

  • Adventure Park in Sabina, in a wood overlooking the historic center of Rieti and its picturesque mountains
  • Adventure Park in Carsoli near the Pietrasecca Caves (Adventure Package with Lunch at the restaurant)
  • Adventure Park in the Treja Valley near the Monte Gelato waterfalls and Calcata old town

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