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Dinner with blind tasting challenge in Rome

The dinner with sensory challenge is a fun experience, ideal for spending a different evening than usual or to celebrate a special event with your friends.

The dinner will be preceded by a blind tasting game: the participants, divided in two or more teams, will taste some gastronomic specialties blindfolded. The aim of the game is to guess the most ingredients possible, using only the senses of smell and taste: each ingredient guessed will give a point to your team!

We offer this activity in selected restaurants, where you can eat quality, traditional and seasonal food.

The packages include the tasting game, drinks (1 or 2 per person), dinner, staff assistance, prize for the winner team.

Choose from our available proposals.

Dinner and sensory challenge in a pizzeria

A welcoming Neapolitan pizzeria in the Prati district, nearby the Vatican, will be the location for a special gastronomic experience, fun and tasty at the same time.

After a brief introduction of the game, our staff will divide your group in two teams: at every round, a person from every team will taste blindfolded some typical foods and seasonal dishes, trying to guess the highest number of ingredients, only by the smell and taste.

Each participant will taste delicious combination of food, accompanied by a glass of wine, beer or a non-alcoholic drink.

At the end of the game, our staff will calculate the final scores and announce the winners, who will be awarded with a nice prize!

Price per person: starting from € 49,00

Dinner and blind tasting in a contemporary restaurant

An informal contemporary restaurant in the historic center of Rome will be the venue for the blindfolded tasting game, which will be followed by a delicious dinner.

The winning team will toast to victory with a bottle!

Participants: minimum 7 / maximum 20

Two formulas are possible:

  • Dinner and tasting game + 1 drink: price per person € 39,00
  • Dinner and tasting game + 2 drinks: price per person € 46,00
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