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Flight simulator in Rome

Experience the thrill of being the pilot of an airplane into a cockpit!

With the flight simulator you will take the control of a flying airplane without even leaving the ground!

After a short briefing given by a pilot-instructor, you will take the control of the plane to manage all the main maneuvers: takeoff, climbing to reach the cruising altitude, follow the planned flight route, descent to the airport and, finally the landing.

The modern simulator, used by professional pilots for practice, faithfully reproduces the inside of the cockpit of an aircraft and its outside surroundings, allowing you to empathize perfectly with the role of a pilot. An exciting, fun and informative activity where you will also learn the basics of flying techniques.

This flight simulation has one of the latest generation system: Alsim ALX-500, the most recent milestone reached by technological development and has been applied to the training of professional pilots.

With a visual system of 208 °, superior to any other simulator FNPT II is able to reproduce with great fidelity any normal or emergency situation in flight. The student pilot’s authentic sense of simulation is achieved by an exceptional level of accuracy including:

  • A visual system spanning 208 °
  • Airports represented with maximum accuracy
  • Ability to select any weather conditions
  • Day time and night time simulations

An exciting, fun and instructive experience that will teach you the basic rules of flying techniques.


  • 1 Session of Simulator for 1 person (1 hour): € 259,00
  • 2 Sessions of Simulator for 2 persons (2 hours): € 250,00 per person
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