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Roman Gladiator for a day

Challenge yourself with the Roman gladiator school. You will experience the unique thrill of becoming a Roman Gladiator for a day, a fantastic occasion not to be missed!

The staff in ancient costumes will welcome you in a Roman military Camp surrounded by a lush nature. To break the ice, a brief introduction to the culture of the Roman military traditions will be held inside an old farmhouse. Afterwards, you will wear a tunic and get into the Roman boot camp: You will feel the adrenaline of being a Roman soldier!

Participants are provided with faithful reproductions of clothing, weapons and legionary’s tools of war, to make it an even more exciting and realistic experience. Practical training and competition activities are carried out on wide open spaces.

Legionnaire and Gladiator Training in Rome

Examples of the games & activities

  • Gladio (iron) and Rudis (wood): learning of the sword techniques
  • Archery: Shooting techniques with the historical arc
  • Fighting techniques with sword and shield
  • Javelin throwing (Pilum)
  • Assault techniques
  • Gladiatorial combat techniques in the sand (Arena)

After completing the course you will receive a Roman legionary certificate.

Duration: 2h/2h30

Prices per person:

  • Groups between 11 and 100 people: € 42,00
  • Groups between 6 and 10 people: € 44,00
  • Small groups between 2 and 5 people: price on request

Special prices for school groups.


On request you can have lunch at the Park with local products from the Roman countryside.

  • Supplement per person: € 27,00

Historical Arch Course – Sagittarius (groups only)

The Sagittarius was a gladiator armed with a bow and arrows. The course will be introduced with a lecture, and will continue with the construction of a bow, following traditional techniques and then using this to shoot arrows at the training camp. After completing the course you will receive a Sagittarius certificate.

  • Duration: 2h30
  • Price per person € 39,00

Archaeologist for a day

Theoretical introduction in the classroom, then the following activities on the outdoor archaeology site:

  • Recovery finds,
  • Analysis, restoration,
  • Treasure hunt, with ancient map.

Gladiators on the Ancient Appia

Experience the unique experience of wearing the robes of a Roman gladiator and learn the original fighting techniques of gladiators in a real arena of ancient Rome, near the Appian way! Each session includes an introduction to Roman history and a description of the life and the secrets of the gladiators. After the lesson you will be given a certificate of Roman citizenship and you can the museum of the Gladiators, containing exact replicas of helmets, weapons and armor.

Price per person for a group of 4 people: € 70,00

Larger groups: price on demand

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