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Gladiators Team Building experience in Rome

Our agency proposes to the corporate groups an exciting team building experience set in the ancient Rome, to revive the glory of the Roman gladiators!

The event will be organized inside the Romans Legionaries & Gladiators Camp, a full equipped thematic park surrounded by a lush natural reserve a few kilometres from the city center.

You will have the opportunity to take on the role of the Gladiators that went into mortal combat inside the Colosseum, and the courage Legionaries who defended the Roman Empire for centuries!

Roman Legionnaires & Gladiators Training Team Building

Participants will be welcomed by the camp staff, who will briefly introduce the history of the gladiators and the Roman Legions.

Afterwards, the group will be divided into teams. Each team will be assigned to an instructor, who will assist the team during the various challenges.

All participants will wear reproductions of original ancient costumes and will hold the ancient Roman weapons.

The teams will compete in a series of activities, challenging and fun at the same time, which will test the skills of the participants and the team spirit of each group.

Examples of Team Building activities:

  • Javelin throwing
  • Agility trials between moving targets
  • Historical archery
  • Skill tests with the gladius (sword)
  • Throwing of the gladiator’s net against a moving target (opponent) in the arena
  • Construction of an anti assault trench
  • Construction of a defensive palisade
  • Lighting a fire using flint
  • Treasure Hunt challenge in the nature, with signs in Latin and military coordinates and following the ‘codes of Caesar’
  • Ancient coin minting
  • Translation of encrypted messages using the Caesar cipher
  • Dressing competition with historical uniforms
  • Ancient dance tournament

At each stage of the competition, a jury will give points to the best teams. The winning team will be awarded, while every participant will receive a military certificate of “Honesta missio“.

A small refreshments will be offered to ensure the brave fighters keep up their strength!

  • Duration: approximately 3 hours
  • Price per person: starting from € 46,00
  • Supplement: Prizes for the winners


On demand we can organize after the activity a buffet lunch with fresh and genuine local produce including: first courses, appetizers, vegetables, meat, fruit; water, wine and coffee (more details about the menu will be given on confirmation).

Tailored price on request

Private events in Ancient Rome style

We organize Ancient Roman banquets ideal for corporate groups.

The banquet, based on ancient Rome recipes, will be accompanied by performances and exhibitions of gladiators and dancers in costume.

Contact us for more information or to ask for a quote

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