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Guided tour of ancient Ostia

Visit with us the huge archaeological site of ancient Ostia, one of the better preserved ancient Roman cities.

Our expert guide will accompany you through the remains of the port city of Ostia, whose foundations are preserved almost completely intact. You will learn the way in which daily life in ancient Rome existed.

During the tour the guide will explain you the history of its foundation and the reasons of its strategic importance as a business center and thriving sea port near Rome.

The visit will also show many aspects of how the daily life of ancient Rome worked.

Main stages of the Tour

Walking along the Decumanus Maximus, the main street paved with large cobblestones, you will see all types of buildings:

  • residential homes
  • public buildings, including a brigade barracks
  • the Baths of Neptune, where you can admire the beautiful mosaics depicting Neptune and Amphitrite
  • the wonderful amphitheater built by Agrippa
  • the Forum which formed the centre of the city
  • the Capitol
  • the temple of Rome and Augustus

Extra activities that can be added to the tour

On demand it is possible to organize the following activities in the Ostia area:

  • Guided visit to the Medieval village of ancient Ostia and to the Julius II° Castle (only groups)
  • Boat cruise on the Tiber (only groups)
  • Lunch in a restaurant facing the sea

In case of a request of changes to the standard tour, the price will be adjusted.

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