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Horse ride on the Appia Antica

An excursion on horseback that combines archaeology, history, nature and sport to discover Rome in an original and dynamic way.
A special Tour dedicated to horse riding enthusiasts, along the Via Appia Antica which is one of the most beautiful archaeological sites of Rome, rich in history and stunning landscapes.

Accompanied by an expert rider, you will admire while riding the many archaeological wonders scattered along the Via Appia Antica:

  • Circus and Villa of Maxentius
  • Mausoleum of Cecilia Metella
  • Castle Caetani
  • Church of St. Nicola
  • Villa dei Quintili
  • Porta San Sebastiano
  • Aurelian Walls
  • Tomb of Geta
  • Sepulcher of Priscilla

The itinerary will be decided according to the duration of the ride. 

Tours and prices per person:

  • Tour of 1h00 (5 km): € 52,00 Recommended for beginners
  • Tour of 1h30 (8 km): € 82,00 Up to Villa dei Quintili
  • Tour of 2h00 (10 km): € 94,00 Only for experts
  • Tour of 3h00 (15 km): € 159,00 Only for experts

The Tour can be combined with a lunch based on typical and seasonal dishes, to enrich the experience with the flavors of Roman cuisine

Price per person; € 35,00

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