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Mosaic course in Rome

Create your personal mosaic in ancient style: a unique souvenir of your holiday in Rome! Mosaic is an ancient decorative art still used today all around the world.

Learn the mosaic techniques to create your very own mosaic with the help of an expert teacher:

  • Firstly choose which tile use between marble and ceramic
  • Then learn how to derive the small mosaic tiles with a mallet
  • Finally learn how to create a drawing or to decorate an object, gluing the tiles with special vinyl glues

Your handmade mosaic will surprise you!

Choose between the available options:

Mosaic workshops in Trastevere

  • Small mosaic (13×13 size)
    Duration: 2h/3h
    Price per person: € 92,00
  • Medium mosaic (10×20 size)
    Duration: 4h/5h
    Price per person: € 121,00
  • Big mosaic (20×20 size)
    Duration: Full day
    Price per person: € 152,00

Mosaic courses in the historic center

  • Duration 2 hours
  • Prices per person:
    • Couples: € 58,00
    • Families: Adults € 49,00 / Children € 30,00
    • Course for small groups (6/10 people): € 54,00
    • Course for medium groups (11/20 people): € 34,00
    • Course for large groups (21/40): € 28,00
    • Larger groups: price on request
  • Location cost: to be quoted separately

Mosaic courses for school groups

  • Minimum 20 participants
  • Duration 2/3 hours
  • Prices per student: starting from € 23.00
  • Location cost: to be quoted separately
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