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Scenic hot air balloon flight near Rome

Try the magical experience of a hot air balloon flight in the surrounding of Rome!

Departure at dawn from the countryside around Magliano Sabina, a village located on the Tiber valley north Rome. You will attend the balloon inflating operations and then get on board to start the flight.

As the balloon rises up into the sky, you will feel the unique thrill of flying and being lifted by the air currents.

The maximum altitude will be 500 meters, from which you will enjoy a spectacular 360 ° view. You will have the possibility to admire and take photos of the landscapes from the sky: the Tiber river flowing between green hills and countryside, mountains and forests, ancient villages and castles of the upper Sabina.. Each time the itinerary will be decided by the the wind!

The balloon flight will last about 1 hour: once landed, you will be offered a small breakfast in the countryside.

A flight certificate will be issued as a souvenir of the experience!

Prices for hot air balloons in upper Sabina near Rome

  • Flight for 2 people: Total price € 1.100,00
  • Small groups (3-4 people): starting from € 1.465,00
  • Small groups (5-8 people): starting from € 1.800,00
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