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Home Activity Italy Rome Soft Rafting on the rivers of Rome

Soft Rafting on the rivers of Rome

Experience the unique thrill of a soft rafting descent in the center of Rome!

You will be equipped with all the required tools to deal with the river in safety and then step aboard the rafts.

Expert instructors will teach you the rafting techniques and all the secrets of this exciting water sport. You will cross the rapids while enjoying the natural and urban landscapes from the river.

We offer you various river itineraries for soft rafting in Rome and its surroundings.

Soft Rafting inside Rome on the Tiber

Starting from the oldest Roman bridge, Ponte Milvio, you will descend towards the heart of the city, passing under the beautiful historic bridges of Rome: the unexpected natural landscapes around the river will be an amazing surprise!

In the final stretch of the rafting route you will pass over some challenging rapids right in front of the picturesque Tiber Island, that will be the glorious end of your adventure on the Tiber.

A unique and suggestive experience!

  • Participants: min 4 / max 40
  • Length: 7 km
  • Rafting time: about 1h30 / 2h
  • Difficulty: suitable for all


  • Groups between 6 and 40 people: Price per person € 40,00
  • Group of 5: Price per person € 54,00
  • Group of 4: Price per person € 68,00

Rafting on the Aniene river (in the outskirts of Rome)

An interesting route within the Aniene Valley Nature Reserve. In this stretch the river is surrounded by a surprisingly vital fluvial environment, characterized by a luxuriant vegetation, in which majestic specimens of willows, poplars and alders emerge. Encounters with Mallards, Cormorants and Gray Herons are not rare.

To reach the boarding point you will walk in the countryside for about 15 minutes.

  • Participants: min 4 / max 40
  • Length: 4 km
  • Rafting time: 1 hour 30 min


  • Groups between 6 and 40 people: Price per person € 22,00
  • Small groups of 4 / 5: Price per person € 35,00

Rafting in the Aniene Valley (outside Rome)

Soft rafting along the lush and picturesque Aniene Valley, near Subiaco, a town nestled in the beautiful scenery of the Natural Park of the Simbruini Mountains and known throughout the world for its two Benedictine monasteries of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica.

  • Participants: min 4 / max 90
  • Journey time: about 2 / 3 hours
  • Difficulty: suitable for everyone


5 km route:

  • Price per person € 26,00
  • Children under 13 years € 20,00

7,5 km route:

  • Price per person € 36,00
  • Children under 13 years € 19,00
  • Children under 13 years € 30,00

Supplement for lunch € 30,00 per person

Rafting in the Natural Reserve of River Tiber (outside Rome)

Soft rafting within the beautiful Natural Reserve of Nazzano Tevere-Farfa, located north of Rome, one of the most interesting sites of central Italy for birdwatching.

In this stretch the river runs slowly forming large bends and meanders. On the banks of the river is one of the few surviving examples of riparian forest formed by whites and blacks poplars, laurels, alders and some oak. The tops of these trees are a great retreat for the egret, great white egrets and gray herons.

  • Participants: min 6 / max 30
  • Journey time: about 2 hours
  • Difficulty: suitable for everyone


  • Price per person: € 40,00
  • Extra for Lunch: € 30,00 per person
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