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Team Building at the Ranch near Rome

In the beautiful setting of the Veio Park, a few kilometres from Rome, you can offer to your group the “Cowboy for a day” experience!

The challenging activities at the Ranch will test the spirit of participants, who will have to leave their comfort zone.
Working in group and encouraged by a healthy competition, they will strengthen the team work.

Examples of the Team Building activities that can be done at the Ranch:

  • Cowboy for a day
    There is always something to do at the Ranch! The teams will participate in the various activities typical of the ranch, in close contact with horses, with which they can build a direct and pleasant contact, under the direction of the ranch staff.
    Like real cowboys, the participants will have to handle the horses, which need daily cares, and will work in the different environments of the ranch: paddock, wash houses, boxes, fences.
    A unique formative experience!
  • Country Games
    Ability games that will test the physical and creative skills of the participants.
    Fun games that create team spirit: Tug of war, sack race, ranch roping, tie the horse with stable nodes, create a rope fence for horses and many other tests of skill.
  • The needle in the haystack
    The teams will compete in a fun treasure hunt on the ranch and in the outside area surrounding

Team Building half day: starting from € 70,00 per person
Team Building full day: starting from € 110,00 per person
Lunch: quote on request

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