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Tour of modern & contemporary Rome

The tour of modern and contemporary Rome will begin with a visit to the monumental Foro Italico sports complex, created in the Fascist era, with its many mosaics, imposing obelisk of Carrara and marble statues of athletes that adorn the nearby Stadio dei Marmi.

Then cross the Music bridge to visit the Maxxi Museum of contemporary art realised by the world famous architect, Zaha Hadid.

The last stop on the tour will be at the Music Auditorium, designed by Renzo Piano in 2001, to host musical concerts and cultural events, near the Sports Hall of Nervi.

On request you can ask to add a visit to the monumental district of EUR, with its distinctive architecture and rationalist metaphysical style that became an important source of inspiration for town planning.

The following visits can be added to the Tour:

  • The Maxxi Museum
  • The Museum of Musical Instruments at the Auditorium
  • The Palace of Italian Civilization – EUR (Colosseo Quadrato)
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