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Authentic Rome: Trastevere and Jewish ghetto Tour

A pleasant walk through two ancient and picturesque neighborhoods of Rome: Jewish ghetto and Trastevere, riches in history and tradition, divided by the river Tiber and the Tiberina Island.

The guided tour of these two districts will take you to the truest Roman atmosphere.

Jewish ghetto walking tour in Rome

The tour will start from the Roman Ghetto, where the Roman Jewish community was relegated in the 4th century and where the oldest Jewish community in Europe still lives. Walking in the heart of this bustling district, you can see ancient Hebrew inscriptions on the walls of buildingss and you can enjoy the typical products of the Jewish culinary tradition in one of the many kosher restaurants.

You will see the remains of the Portico d’Ottavia, erected by the Emperor Augustus and admire, between its pillars, the church of S. Angelo in Pescheria, whose name comes from the fish market, which took place right here in ancient times. Admire the original structure of the grandiose exterior of the Teatro Marcelloand the facade of the monumental Synagogue, then move on to one of the most beautiful places in Rome, the Tiberina Island.

Trastevere walking tour in Rome

Once crossed the Tiber you will reach the lively and colorful area of Trastevere, one of the most authentic districts in the city, where you will enjoy strolling through narrow streets and squares. This neighborhood also offers visitors the opportunity to view remarkable artistic sites, such as the church of Santa Cecilia and the church of San Francesco a Ripa. The tour will continue on to the beautiful Piazza Santa Maria in Trastevere, where there is the oponymous church dedicated to the Virgin, and the pride of the district, decorated with beautiful mosaics and artwork. Finally the tour ends in the picturesque Piazza Trilussa adorned with the newly restored ancient Fountain of the Acqua Paola, overlooking the Tiber and romantic Ponte Sisto.

Extra stages on request:

  • Guided tour of the Synagogue
  • Old Pharmacy of Santa Maria alla Scala, located in a convent, a pharmaceutics laboratory and the original mill, all preserved in excellent condition, along with colourful tiles, vases, scales, distillation stills, pestals, mortars and laboratory tinctures
  • Basement of the church of St. Crisogono: where you can find the remains of one of the oldest churches built in Rome, called “Tituli”, the original structure was later built on in the fifth century with an early Christian basilica, above which the present church of San Crisogono was constructed
  • A stroll in the Botanical Garden until the top of the Janiculum with a fantastic panoramic view which extends over 290 degrees over ancient Rome

Prices will vary depending on additions to the original itinerary.

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