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Treasure Hunt Team Building in Rome

Our Treasure hunt is designed for Team Building as an exciting challenge in teams searching for the treasures of Rome.

The Team Building Treasure Hunt for business groups is an activity that combines fun, competition and teamwork, and at the same time gives the opportunity to discover the beauties and secrets of Rome in an original way.

How does the Treasure Hunt work?

Prior to the start of the game our staff will welcome the group and will conduct a briefing to explain the rules. It will be stated the duration of the game and specified the final point to reach at the end.

Participants will then be divided into teams, each of which will receive a Treasure Hunt Kit containing all the necessary to play independently:

  • Cards with clues, quizzes and photography tasks; the clues and puzzles contain the keys to find out monuments and fountains, ancient engravings, talking statues and other things to be identified and photographed as evidence of the achievement of each stage
  • A map of Rome where the stages of the game are highlighted
  • Vouchers for ice-creams: During the hunt, guests can taste an excellent artisan ice cream with a view of Piazza Navona
  • A pen and other useful tools for the game

Following the briefing, teams are left at liberty to decide upon their own autonomous itinerary.

The Hunt will then start! The Hunt lasts approximately 3 / 4 hours (depending on the client’s preferences) and is performed on foot in the historic centre of Rome.

Our staff will wait for the teams at the final point and will verify the answers and photos to calculate the scores of each team. The winning team will be awarded with a special prize that will be given during a lively award ceremony.

Participants will receive a gadget and a booklet containing photos, explanations and anecdotes on the places visited, perfect as a souvenir of their experience! The booklet can be customized with the logo of the company.


It is possible to organize an aperitif, a lunch or dinner in the center of Rome, to host the award ceremony at the end of the game.


  • Treasure Hunt: starting from € 40,00
  • Treasure Hunt with final aperitif: starting from € 56,00
  • Treasure Hunt with final lunch or dinner: starting from € 79,00
  • Treasure Hunt with IPads: starting from € 65,00

Treasure hunt benefits for team building

  • Customisable material
  • Small souvenir for all participants – everyone’s a winner!
  • Prize awarded to the winning team
  • Team autonomy will encourage your group members to communicate, engage in democratic decision making, and approach problem solving creatively to design the most efficient itinerary
  • Participants will have the opportunity to assume roles that could be entirely foreign to them; boost your self-esteem as you draw on your strengths, and at the same time challenge yourself as you try something new – collaboration and cooperation with your team members will form a secure environment as your break out of your comfort zone
  • The competitive nature of this activity, and the race against time, encourages effective time management
  • Participants revert to the instinctive human method of positive social interaction – through having fun!

Themes of the Team Building Treasure Hunt

Treasures and Secrets of Rome

Search for the many treasures and secrets of the Eternal City, scattered through the alleys and squares of the centre like gems!

Discover fountains, ‘talking statues’, sculptures, ancient engravings, magical frescoes, monument details, secret and hidden places.

Rome and the Cinema

To discover the wonderful set that Rome has given to famous films of the past and of the present; the history of cinema and the history of Rome are intertwined in an entertainingly and stimulant challenge!

In this hunt, participants will be provided with a set of film images, on the back of which are questions related to the film and/or monument featured.

Rome and Water

Rome and water are inseparable. Experience the history, the legend and the today’s reliance on the city’s water sources, in this competitive hunt that will bring participants face to face with some of the most iconic fountains in Italy and, indeed, the World! The activity will also unveil lesser-known watery treasures!

Architectures of Rome

An astonishing journey through different architectural styles, from antiquity to the contemporary period, that make Rome an open-air museum!

Embark on this journey of discovery and witness the various architectural styles that characterise the visually rich city of Rome. Delve beneath the surface and learn about the multiple layers of history and expertise that have gone into constructing this bastion of the former Roman Empire!

Rome Open City

Religions, cults and shrines scattered in the Eternal City: temples, catacombs, mithraeums, churches, places of worship, discovering their interesting stories and legends.

Treasures and Secrets of Trastevere – With Ipads

A surprising and interactive adventure from the Tiber Island to the alleys and squares of Trastevere, to discover its many hidden treasures.

The magical Gardens of Villa d’Este – Tivoli

Discover the magnificent fountains and water features that make Villa D’Este one of the most beautiful gardens in the world! Each fountain hides a story… find out by playing our treasure hunt!

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