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Walking tour of Rome historic center

Discover with us the many wonders of the historic centre of Rome, part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its huge quantity of monuments, archaeological sites and works of art, which make it a true open-air museum.

We propose two scenic itineraries:

Guided visit of Rome historic center

Duration: 3 hours

The tour includes the following stages:

  • Piazza del Popolo, adorned by the ancient Egyptian obelisk and fountains of Valadier, overlooked by three churches: the Baroque Basilica of Santa Maria del Popolo, and the twin churches
  • The elegant Via del Babuino which takes its name from the bizarre fountain
  • Via Margutta, the romantic and picturesque street of the artists, with its many art galleries
  • The Spanish Steps, the most elegant and theatrical steps in the world, with the Fountain of Barcaccia by Bernini at its base
  • The majestic Trevi Fountain, a masterpiece of the Baroque
  • Piazza Colonna dominated by the magnificent column of Marcus Aurelius
  • Piazza di Pietra characterized by the colonnade of the Temple of Hadrian
  • The Church of St. Ignatius with its magnificent artistic works
  • The Pantheon, considered the best preserved example of ancient Roman architecture
  • Piazza Navona masterfully decorated by the masterpieces of Bernini and Borromini
  • The animated and picturesque Campo dei Fiori

Tour of Rome fountains

Discover the beauty of Rome with our tour of its most majestic fountains.

The history of Rome is linked from its origins to the element of water, considered by the ancient Romans a divine element.

Founded on the banks of the River Tiber, Rome has been equipped by the great engineers of antiquity with a very efficient system of aqueducts, that allowed the construction of numerous fountains, baths and water features.

Duration: 3 hours

Our itinerary includes:

  • The spectacular fountain of Castor and Pollux at the centre of Piazza del Quirinale
  • The Baroque Trevi Fountain, the most majestic of the fountains of Rome
  • The ‘Boat Fountain’ at the foot of the stairs of the Spanish Steps
  • The fountain in Piazza Colonna beside the Column of Marcus Aurelius
  • The fountain and obelisk in Piazza della Rotonda, in front of which stands the Pantheon
  • The Fountain of the Four Rivers, the greatest masterpiece of Roman baroque fountains, and the fountains of Neptune and the Moor in Piazza Navona,
  • The marble fountains of Piazza Farnese
  • The Fountain of Turtles in Piazza Mattei


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