23 September 2019
monterano citta fantasma

Canale Monterano, an incredible ghost town in Italy

After more than two millenniums, the abandoned town in the surroundings of Canale Monterano is still charming. It is one of the most suggestive places in […]
10 September 2019
tramonti di roma

Tour through the roman sunsets

Living the sunset in Rome is a unique experience, the city is painted with colors and shadows that dancing together on monuments, domes and on the […]
2 September 2019
porta alchemica roma

The mysteries of Rome: the Alchemical Door

If you are in Rome and have already visited enough monuments, squares and archaeological sites, you could go in search of lesser-known and mysterious places, to […]
2 September 2019
viaggio nei fori roma

The interactive trip into the Roman forums

Like every year, the show that allow the viewers to undertake a true travel in time discovering the essence of Rome is on. The travel is […]
11 July 2019
opere bernini roma

Strolling around Bernini’s masterpieces in Rome

Gian Lorenzo Bernini, architect, sculptor, painter and even scriptwriter, was the true protagonist of Baroque Rome. He was born in Naples in 1598 and it was […]
28 June 2019
street art roma

A trip into Ostiense Street Art

There is a beautiful scene in the movie “Nell’Anno de Signore” by Luigi Magni, Cornacchia/Pasquino played by Nino Manfredi writes on a wall with a piece […]
11 June 2019
posti da visitare a roma per giovani

A tour into Rome’s Movida

There is a wide range of chances to have fun in Rome, for people of every age. The youth generally attends three areas of the city: […]
24 May 2019
visita guidata castello bracciano

Odescalchi and Orsini’s Castle tour

Orsini-Odescalchi’s castle is commonly considered as one of the most beautiful renaissance houses in Europe. It stands on a middle age village on a wonderful vantage […]
23 April 2019

Visiting Municipal Rose Garden of Rome

Among the many treasures featured in the Eternal City, there is a true hidden gem, between the slope of the Aventine hill and the Circo Massimo […]