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A trip into Ostiense Street Art

There is a beautiful scene in the movie “Nell’Anno de Signore” by Luigi Magni, Cornacchia/Pasquino played by Nino Manfredi writes on a wall with a piece of coal: Romans have always felt the urge of shouting their problems, their needs against a wall.

Strolling around the city, in the centre as well as in the outskirts, you would bump into any type of graffiti, referred to sport, politics, cheeky ones and true works of art admired by tourists just as it happens with monuments and museums.

The writing movement has deep roots into street culture, seen under a bad light at first, it has now boldly taken its place into Art and nowadays Banksy’s works sold for millions at Sotheby’s is no news anymore.

Rome has always cuddled writers; there are some places, like underground stations, parks, highways, that have now turned into true meccas.

The boroughs where one can find the most famous pieces are Ostiense, Tor Marancia and San Basilio. Pigneto and Tor Pignattara are also worth a visit, as an important requalification project has gathered many street artists from all over the world to embellish the two areas.

Street Art in Ostiense

Whoever wants to take a tour into roman street art cannot miss to go to Ostiense, one of the most interesting boroughs because of the many works located here. Let us take a look at the pieces that you can admire walking through the street of this Southern Rome borough.

In front of San Paolo fuori le Mura Basilica (Via Ostiense 195) you can see “Opera Onirica” by Sam3. A male silhouette made of stars on a black background holds a moon within which there are other black human silhouettes.

Via dei Magazzini Generali features JB Rock’s “Wall of Fame”, a 60 metres work that rolls famous charachters as Dante Obama, Elvis and even Zorro over a red background.

You can find the “Nuotatore” by Iacurci, made during the Outdoor Festival in 2011, on the Pescheria Ostiense’s palace. “Nessuno” by Alex Void is on the other façade of the palace, it features the view of the head of a woman from behind, there is a XX century mass scene on the the neck of her shirt. The founder of Ferramenta Canini inspired this work, ferramenta means hardware and Ferramenta Canini, who have had its offices in this palace for 100 years, actually built the borough, the palace was also the place where the materials were stocked.

Finally, at the crossroad between via del Porto Fluviale and via delle Conce you can admire the couloured faces made by Blu on the Fronte de Porto, highlighting the homeless and squatters problem.

Blu also made a work depicting chained cars and a portrait of Alexis Grigoropulos in via Ostiense 122 in 2013.

We can find Herbert Baglione’s work in via delle Conce too, white figures on a white background representing life, death, order and chaos.

Fragrance tour proposals in Ostiense

Fragrance tour offers several tours to admire the works located in Ostiense, some examples:

  • Street art tour “Ostiense”: An industrial borough at first, Ostiense features 30 graffiti made by international artists who have enriched and embellished houses, palaces and subways. You can book a visit with Fragrance Tour to see them all.
  • Tour Garbatella & Ostiense: You will find a Rome full of surprises by taking this tour, you will reach the street art area in Ostuiense by passing through the borough of Garbatella, you will discover unusual places far from traditional touristic routes.

Contact us for further information or if you want to arrange the perfect street art tour!

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