The interactive trip into the Roman forums

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11 July 2019
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Like every year, the show that allow the viewers to undertake a true travel in time discovering the essence of Rome is on.

The travel is combined with, videos, special FX and with the unique voice of Piero Angela, Italian heritage of cult8ure and divulgation.

Travel into the Forum of Augustus

Rome reached its golden Era duiring Augustus’ age, the viewer will appreciate the reconstruction of the places with a special focus on the legendary emperor whose gigantic 12m high statue was just at the entrance of the forum.

Thanks to a special audio system the viewers can listen to the description by Piero Angela, eight different languages are available. The show lasts about 40 minutes and it is supposed to be enjoyed comfortably seated on the terraces in front of the Forum.

Travel into the Forum of Caesar

The travel into the Forum of Caesar will involve the viewers physically, by guiding them through a path that will start from the Temple of Venus reaching finally the places where the roman daily life was actually lived. You will encounter the characters who crowded the Forum, from the officials to the “matronas”.

Thanks to the incredible special FX, you will watch the “taberne”, which worked as shops or offices.

The voice of Piero Angela will tell the mythic character, who destroyed a whole neighbourhood and spent the equivalent of 300 million euro to build the Forum.

Fragrance Tour offers the following options to enjoy the show:

Forum of Caesar or Forum of Augustus

  • Adult ticket for one tour € 18,00
  • Children Ticket for one tour € 13,00
  • Groups larger than 10 people: ticket for one tour starting from Tour starting from € 13,00 (only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, no holidays) 

Forum of Caesar or Forum of Augustus

  • Adult ticket for two tours € 28,00
  • Children Ticket for two tours € 23,00
  • Groups larger than 10 people: ticket for one tour starting from Tour starting form € 20,00 (only on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, no holidays)

Time Schedule

  • From 1 June to 31 July: every day from 9.00 pm to 11.40 pm
  • From 1 August to 31 August: every day from 8.40pm to 11.40pm
  • From 1 September to 30 September: from Sunday to Friday from 8.00 pm to 11.00 pm; Saturday from 8.00 pm to 11.20 pm
  • From 1st October to 3rd November: every day from 7.00 pm to 10.00 pm

Fragrance Tour Offers

Fragrance Tour offers several solution to live the area surrounding the forum taking a dip into history and culture

  • Colosseum, roman Forum and Palatine tour: Accompanied by our expert guides, you will visit the Anfiteatro Flavio, better known as Colosseum, from the inside, you will walk through the Roman Forum alleys and you will finally visit the mount Palatine.
  • Tour del Rione Monti: Just a few steps away from the Forums there is one of the most ancient and picturesque neighbourhoods in Rome, where you will bum pinto ruins and witnesses of ancient Rome, works and monuments form the Middle Age and from the Renaissance, a roll up of layered styles that cover the entire history of the city.

Contact us for further information and for tailoring the perfect tour on you!