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Team Building at the Adventure Park near Rome

An outdoor Team Building experience away from the chaos of the city. The Adventure Park is located in a beautiful pine forest, near the sea of Ostia, at a few kilometres from Rome city center.

The adventure park is perfect for Team Building sessions: the challenges – of different difficulty levels – will test the ability, strength and self-control of the participants, while the spirit of the teamwork will be put under pressure.

The staff of the Park will make a briefing at the beginning and will supervise the activities. The Parks will provide all the equipment and technical assistance.

Team Building Activities at the Adventure Park

The team building activities will test in a mix of action, fun and adrenaline.

You can choose between the various options available:

Ability Challenges

  • Suspended routes between trees, at a height of 5/7 meters
  • Zip Wire: Launch of 10 meters along a steel cable, carried out individually
  • Climbing: Climbing wall (3/4 climbs)
  • Outdoor Labyrinth
  • Archery 

Sky Frame – Managing of the risks and testing the emotional stability of a group

The Sky Frame is a multi-function structure, where a group must work together to achieve a goal. The games will put under pressure the participants so that everyone could test its limits trying to overcome them.

  • All on board: One team will perform a climb with rungs on a pole up to a platform at a height of 7 meters, while another team will work for the safety of everyone.
  • Balance Beem: Walk on wide poles, placed at two different heights of 5 m. and 8 m.
  • Jacob’s Ladder: Reach the top of the ladder, through a series of wooden pegs, which become progressively more distant while you climb higher. Final height of 9 m.
  • Trapeze: Climb up on a pole to a trapeze set 7 mt. from the ground.

Battlefield – War Game

thrilling war game takes place in an outdoor arena, recreating a real battlefield.

This completely harmless game simulate combat between two opposing armies, armed with with replica firearms and equipped with a polarised infrared SATR system, employed in military training. Each army will be assigned a set of tasks such as capturing the enemy base or taking out the opposing side; to complete these assignments, participants will need to study actual military strategies and reply on teamwork.

Lunch or refreshment

It is possible to organize a lunch or a refreshment inside the park at the end of the activity.

Contact us for more information or ask for a quote. 

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