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The exhibitions in Rome in the Autumn 2019

The panorama of current exhibitions in Rome between the end of 2019 and 2020 presents a wide range of possibilities for in-depth exploration for tourists interested in the world of Art.

We suggest a journey through the most important exhibitions.

If you are especially interested in classicism, you cannot miss Canova, Eterna Bellezza (Museum of Rome, Palazzo Braschi, until March 15th 2020). An event exhibition focused on the link between the artist and Rome with over 170 works and prestigious loans from major museums and private collections.

Connected to this event is the other major exhibition dedicated to Valadier: Valadier, Splendor in the Rome of the 700 (Galleria Borghese until 2 February 2020). The famous goldsmith who worked in Rome became the protagonist of the change of taste in the city during the second half of the 700 with objects and furnishings of an incomparable preciousness.

Also in the ambit of classical antiquity, the exhibition “Pompeii and Santorini” (until January 6th 2020) is underway at the Scuderie del Quirinale. The exhibition proposes an unprecedented comparison between the two cities, united by an identical catastrophic end, and highlights how, through archaeological finds, it was possible to shed light on the past.

In the splendid Palazzo Corsini, an exhibition has been set up featuring portraits and still lifes from the Poletti collections and the National Barberini and Corsini Galleries: “L’Enigma del Reale” (until February 2, 2020), in which thirty works are presented seventeenth-century caravaggio-inspired, never exhibited in Rome.

In the field of Modern and Contemporary Art we highlight the exhibition “Secret Impressionists” (Palazzo Bonaparte until 8 March 2020). Over 50 masterpieces of the most representative painters of the artistic movement are exhibited, coming from private collections and granted exceptionally for this event.

At the Chiostro del Bramante, which alone deserves a visit, the exhibition “Bacon, Freud. The London school” (until February 23, 2020). In over 45 paintings, etchings and drawings the exhibition offers a glimpse of one of the most creative schools of contemporary art, which found the ideal humus in the British capital.

As for contemporary art, we suggest visiting the Palazzo delle Esposizioni where it is underway: “Sublimi anatomie” (until 6 January 2020), an exhibition that aims to reveal the sublime in the human body through a path that winds its way through between art and science to the present day.

At the National Gallery of Modern Art an exhibition dedicated to Robert Morris, master of American Minimalism, founder of Process Art and Land Art, who died in 2018. The exhibition is in fact titled “Monumentum” (until 12 January 2020) and offers us a series of sculptures made by the master in recent years and never exhibited before in Europe.

Contact us for more information or to organize a guided tour of the exhibitions of your interest.

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