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A tour into Rome’s Movida

There is a wide range of chances to have fun in Rome, for people of every age. The youth generally attends three areas of the city: San Lorenzo, Monti and Trastevere.

Rome for Youth: San Lorenzo

Since its position close to the University La Sapienza, San Lorenzo represents a meeting point for young people and students from every part of Italy and the world. The borough is full of bars and clubs, restaurants and literary cafés; it is rare to have a dull night out here. There are not many tourist attractions; people come here because the real attraction is the atmosphere created by the people themselves.

Rome for Youth: Monti

Monti, in the heart of the city-centre, is located  just a few steps away from piazza Venezia, this borough has a bohemian mood, the classic meeting point is the “piazzetta” of Madonna dei Monti, people just gather around the fountain and protract the night, especially during summer. Saint Louis’ music school is here as well as the Engineering Department, and students, as it happens in S. Lorenzo, contribute to liven up the borough. The atmosphere here is similar to Kreuzberg or Shoredictch, there are classic and trendy bars as well as clubs or you just name it! The bar “Ai Tre Scalini” located in the famous via Panisperna is definitely worth a visit. There is plenty of attraction here as many Rome’s wonders are within half a mile.

Rome for Youth: Trastevere

The borough of Trastevere has faced a huge transformation during the years. A residence for the urban working class at first, it has now become the trendiest and hippest borough of the city attended by tourists and romans at every hour of the day and night.

Piazza Trilussa stairs, named after the poet who, along with Giuseppe Gioacchino Belli managed to convey the roman soul into verses and poems are always crowded. As for the “piazzetta” in Monti, “Trilussa” has become a meeting point for the ones who are starting a night out or more simply for the ones who want to breathe Rome’s air and get to know new faces. It is common to bump into American students because of the John Cabot American University. The bars and clubs are uncountable, every pocket and every taste will be satisfied, there is plenty of them scattered around the borough alleys, where it is very easy to get lost but even easier to find some true hidden gems.

We suggest visiting the Antica Spezieria della Scala, an ancient chemist where you can visit the original lab where the medicines and potions were prepared and the original recipes are still conserved, in order to get a visit you will be required to make a little donation, you will choose the amount. The secret garden attended by Olimpia Maidalchini, an exception woman whose story is tied to the one of Rome, is accessible from Lungotevere Ripa, a true heaven in the heart of the city, mostly unknown.

The Orto Botanico is another gem located in this borough, a natural museum run by the University where you can admire plants and trees from all over the world and even a true Japanese garden.

Instructions to visit the Orto Botanico:

Opening time – Every day, including Sunday.

  • Opening hours from April to October: from 9am to 6.30pm
  • Opening hours from November to March: from 9am to 5.30pm

Ticket prices – € 8,00

  • Reduced (age from 6 to 11 years, over 65, and FAI associates): € 4,00
  • Access is free for children below 6 years old and for physically and mentally impaired persons (with a valid health card) and their helper.

Rome for youth with Fragrance Tour

Fragrance tour organizes many activities around the above-mentioned areas:

  • Tour of Trastevere and the Jewish ghetto: an immersion into the most authentic Rome that will let you discover the ghetto and the lively area of Trastevere. There is the chance of adding extra stops such as the Antica Spezieria della Scala or the Orto Botanico
  • Photoshooting: You can request a professional photographer to take pictures of you in the most spellbinding spots of Trastevere and the historic centre, in order to build up a truly un forgettable memory of your trip to Rome.
  • Photo tour: dedicated to photo enthusiasts, a unique chance to discover the most hidden spots of Trastevere.

Contact us for further information or discover all the activities that we organize.

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